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Catherine Terry

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Catherine Terry and I am from Midleton, Co. Cork. I attended MIC from 2000 to 2003. Since then I have been teaching in Carrigaline GNS, teaching third and fifth class groupings.
I am now working for The Jack and Jill Children's Foundation, leading a fundraising campaign through schools and colleges throughout Ireland. We currently have nearly 1100 schools registered with us.


Tell us about your time in Mary Immaculate College?

My 3 years in MIC were varied. I lived in digs my first year but luckily moved in with a great bunch of girls to Allendale which was nice and close to college and the experiences I had there were eye openers! I didn't join any club or society there which I regret. Looking back now… it would have been good to get involved more in college life in a sports team or other grouping to get to know more people and become more immersed in college life. College is more than libraries, TP and assignments.


One memory that stands out in your mind from your time in MIC?

My first term of first Year: Spending about three days planning for my first Micro Teaching lesson, including a detailed lesson plan (pages long, and aims and objectives not achievable in hours not a mind minutess!), handmade posters (x3) and every other piece of Fearas I could think of that related to the topic. For those of you that may not have experienced Videoed Micro Teaching, the lesson is Max 5 mins in front of your peers!! No time to hang posters as you can imagine…


A member of staff who had an affect or made an impression on you during your time in MIC?

Noreen Lynch, our PE Teacher was a joy to learn from, she was so full of enthusiasm and ideas. Pat, our Maths Lecturer was great and patient which a plus is always…. These were two lectures that stand out!!


What changes would you like to see within MIC?

An improved canteen with more choice for students. A library with greater flexibility in terms of book lending, (Remove the alarms and convince the staff that nobody is trying to steal the books!!!) A greater link with UL (especially for the social scene) and more emphasis on practical teaching experience and less on The methodologies, philosophies and sociologies of Teaching.


Do you maintain a relationship with MIC today?

I am joined up to The Alumni and Peadar Cremin (President) has been a great support and encouragement to me when I spoke to him regarding my current venture with The Jack and Jill Children's Foundation.


What is your current occupation?

Schools Coordinator of The Phones for Boards Scheme with The Jack and Jill Childrens Foundation.


What are your hopes/plans for the future?

To expand my current programme with Jack and Jill and build towards 2000 schools (Can you help me??) To get as many students Unions in the country to fundraise for us as part of Rag week/ Fundraising initiates. To travel to Asia and trek through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. To return to college and do my masters. To begin a foundation course in counselling skills as a means to help pupils going through difficult times.


If you were President of MIC for a day what would you do?

Get every student in the school to bring in their old phones and donate them to The Jack and Jill Foundation and encourage Student Societies to fundraise in innovative ways for Jack and Jill. Make rag week a LONGER event. Cancel all Friday lectures. Have a shuttle bus to drop students where ever they wanted to go.


If you could quickly sum up your time in MIC or have any advice for MIC students what would it be?

My advice to students:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

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