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Darrell Healy
Tell us about yourself? 
My name is Darrell Healy. I’m 23 and I live in Limerick City. I’m finished my B.A degree in English and Media.
Tell us about your time in Mary Immaculate College? 
I loved MIC. Being from Limerick, I settled in easy because I knew the city which helped. Although I knew people from Limerick already I did try to meet new people in my course which was great. First year was such a fun year. Everything is so fresh and the social scene is amazing compared to secondary school. I wanted to get involved in college so I went for elections to become sports officer. I kept my involvement in the Students Union in some shape or form since then. 2nd year is probably the best because you’re older and bolder. The subjects are more intense as your QCA begins but most people loved 2nd year the most. My results were a bit iffy that year sadly. Co-op in third year was a very personal year in terms of growing and becoming an adult/self sufficient. Every student has a different experience but I found it a life changing experience. Final year was the most interesting but so much of it is spent worrying over FYP and career choice that it flies. A final year party is the best way to conclude it.
One memory that stands out in your mind from your time in MIC?

The first day of Rag Week each year was just amazing...the craic you have those days stay in your memories for life.

A member of staff who had an affect or made an impression on you during your time in MIC?
Eugene O Brien my English lecturer. I loved the topics he covered and I could listen to his opinions all day. Maybe Jerry Dukes in 1st year as well. I think everyone thought he was a cool guy.
What changes would you like to see within MIC?

More space…..which is happening at the moment. A wider range of sports and more pride in the college MIC! MIC! MIC!

Do you maintain a relationship with MIC today? 
I certainly do because I work here now
What is your current occupation?
President of the Students’ Union
What are your hopes/ plans for the future? 
My plan is to be happy. I think it is important to be around the people who make you happy. There is no substitute for friends/family. I would like to do something physically active as a career. That’s the dream!!
If you were president of MIC for a day what would you do?
I would probably hold all my calls and definitely not go to work as a start. I would make the canteen a free food canteen for the students. I would hire an ents crew to come down with bouncing castles, bungee jump, stilt and circus performers. Films would be displayed outside Tailteann all day long on a huge projector. A DJ for the day. Free bbq, pop corn, candy floss, pizza and beverages. The ents would also have to provide a huge slippery dip. All staff must attend. I would withdraw as much money for the college fund as I could and give it to charities. I would try and extend the course choices and make a degree in drama available. A degree in rock music and a degree in sports. I would invite my closest friends to the college and I would provide food and a drinks cabinet for them and have a hilarious day. I don’t know if the  president could do any of this but if he could that’s what I would do J (what a difference a day makes!)
If you could quickly sum up your time in MIC or have any advice for MIC students what would it be?

Socialise….people are mostly very friendly so get chatting. Go to as many house parties as you can. Throw a house party once and put LOADS of effort into it. You will be fondly remembered for life. Have a close core of friends that you are doing the same exams as. Use them like a forum to ask questions and share information. It helps so much at exam time and you will always learn something new from them. Study hard and party hard….that is what college is all about……….MIC is the place to be!

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