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Spotlight on..Shane Quinn Graduate 2007

Tell us about yourself?

Well! My name is Shane Quinn –I’m 22 and originally from a town called Loughrea in Galway. Nowadays you’ll usually find me in Dublin. As one Will Smith somewhat put it “west of Ireland born and raised in Donnybrook is where I spend most of my days”. Have tried a few hobbies but none seem to stick, generally like to spend my days keeping happy or passing time causing mischief!



Tell us about your time in Mary Immaculate College

I started in MIC in September of 2003, what followed will go down in my biography as the most enjoyable four years of my life (so far!). I did History and Media through arts, I’ve always had a flare for history and a desire to work in “the meeja”. In third year I packed bags and took the study abroad option in Chicago, coming back to Limerick for the second semester.


One aspect of MIC that must be credited is the genuine sense of community. Bemoaned in first year by many (if not all) of us – the size of place!! Complaints of “it’s not a real college” and so on. Over the years you do come to appreciate this when real friendships are forged. When you leave, you do so with solid friends for life.



One memory that stands out in your mind from your time in MIC?

Genuinely, it is hard to pick just one memory from my student days or “daze”!! RAG weeks bring back so many memories, some fond –some not so! Graduation was definitely a good one, catching up with friends without worrying about exams, assignments or other academia.


For pure nostalgia I would have to stay study weeks in first and second year. The weather was always guaranteed sunny and hot. We were either down in Ashdown with the couches out in the car park or on the pitch catching some rays. I’m not sure we even got any real study done but it was well worth it!



A member of staff who had an affect or made an impression on you during your time in MIC?

I couldn’t pick out one member of staff to credit. All of them were great! If not for their academic guidance or personal support/inspiration, then surely for their gestures/quotes/clicks that some impersonators entertained us with!



What changes would you like to see within Mary I?

Edible food in the canteen!!



Do you maintain a relationship with MIC today?

I signed up to the online community at graduation but am still in close contact with my friends from college. Of course I still visit, trying to cling on to that student lifestyle for as long as I’m able!



What is your current occupation?

I am a freelance TV researcher. Most recently I finished working on my biggest project, The Late Late Toy Show 2007! Without a doubt another great experience in my life! The job entailed going out and finding the big toys of the year, “testing” and ultimately whittling them down to what we thought were the best ones. I was also involved in auditioning and casting the performers and demonstrators for the show which involved sitting through thousands of entries, again pulling together the most suited ones for the live broadcast. It was a manic operation that demanded nearly 24 hours of my day! Some of my contacts included a robot company in Japan and another in California, both of whom sometimes felt the need to call me late at night!! Such were the perks of my job! Ultimately though, the show was a huge success and despite some glitches on the night went incredibly well!



What are your hopes/ plans for the future?

At the moment I am looking at travelling, Australia appears to be flooded with the Irish and I’ve heard great things about South America. While I wouldn’t rule it out, I don’t think I’ll be returning to further study for some time!



If you were president of Mary I for a day what would you do?

Demand edible canteen food!



If you have anything you would like to say to sum up your experiences

Honestly a great institution. Never mind the naysayers, I wouldn’t have gone back on it – one of the best decisions I’ve made!

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